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  1. 50 + Bat Mitzvah = Very spoiled girl
  2. Jay-Z sued by wrestler... [not biggie]
  3. Kanye West's New Track
  4. Fresh Prince Of Bel Air - your opinion?
  5. Quote your favourite artist!
  6. puffy give's back the lox publishing!~
  7. Diddy And The Lox Settle Publishing Dispute
  8. Mausberg
  9. 2Pac STANS explain this...
  10. Lox & Diddy Settle Publishing Dispute (Lox Have ALL Their Publishing)
  11. Two-five
  12. You Favorite MF DOOM track
  13. festive hip hop
  14. Tupac?
  15. Pen-Gun Accident Kills Budding Rap Singer
  16. Kanye West
  17. Jaz-O Interview @ Hiphopgame.com
  18. papoose
  19. Game getting pepper sprayed video
  20. What song is this???Eminem
  21. Tupac Alive
  22. Lords of the underground-what do ya think about `em
  23. Big L - The Heist
  24. K-Fed - Y'all Ain't Ready
  25. Foxy Brown Says She's Been Deaf For 6 Months
  26. Best of Luke's Peep Show, Vol. 1
  27. Who's your favorite rapper after Biggie Smalls?
  28. urgent help
  29. T.H.E.M. vs. Wu
  30. audio battles
  31. All Time
  32. Eminem - When I'm Gone Video (link)
  33. The Greatest Hip-Hop Album Of All Time...
  34. !! 2pac & snoop dogg gerryg remix !!
  35. lookalike?
  36. hey everyone
  37. 2Pac Interviews Added To FreeTupac.com
  38. Three Men Stabbed At Notorious B.I.G. Party; Three More Shot Outside
  39. New 2Pac Album And Book Rumored For 2006
  40. Spice 1 And MC Eiht Keep It Gangsta
  41. Chino XL Turns Down Major Label Offer And Prepares To Drop Double Album
  42. Bow Wow on Hot 97: "Only real rappers out now are me, Kanye, and 50, and MAYBE Jay-Z"
  43. DMX Gets Reality TV Show, Exclusive Photos!
  44. DMX Called Hot 97 and Said "Fuck Def Jam" Last Night
  45. MC Battle: Jin Vs. Mistah Fab Video
  46. The Game And Brother Have Falling Out Online
  47. DJ Premier Working On New Big L Album!!
  48. Boyz N Da Hood (BNDH)
  49. All About The Benjamins Rock remix
  50. jedi mind tricks
  51. The Big Picture
  52. Nelly Loses Pimp Juice
  53. Actor Patrick Swayze Looks To Enter The Rap World
  54. Ras Kass Brings The Heat
  55. J-Zone and Celph Titled Album Complete
  56. Jay-Z To Launch Roc-A-Fella West?
  57. Mariah Carey Overtakes 50 Cent
  58. Beanie Sigel's Legal Troubles Continue
  59. Eminem Sets Wedding Date
  60. Nas and DJ Premier Team Up For Album
  61. G-Unit Disses Dip Set & Bobby Valentino At NY Concert
  62. Who has the best rapping voice??
  63. Ghostface Killah Limited edition Doll
  64. DMX is no longer signed to Def Jam
  65. E-Skummy: A rapper that was killed.
  66. EeeeeeeeeeeeHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  67. Obie Trice Shot and Survives, Road Rage Could Be To Blame
  68. N.W.A. - Appetite For Destruction
  69. Football HipHop
  70. o-b trice shot
  71. games namedrop list
  72. gay rapper raps over biggies beat
  73. the average tupac fan
  74. Wish we knew producers better...
  75. Good Site To Get Shirts?
  76. Most Creative Song?
  78. top 3 all time favorite song (excluding biggie)
  79. the best diss songs
  80. When Devils Play da Movie
  81. can someone with this song!!!!!!!!!1
  82. Rapper Cool C To Be Executed
  83. Kanye West Receives Four NAACP Image Award Nominations
  84. Def Jam Fight For NY: The Takeover Hits PSP Soon
  85. Ghostface Back With New Album
  86. Snoop Dogg Headlining Bud Bowl 2006
  87. Ludacris Working With Cerebral Palsy Charity
  88. Will.i.am Forms Music Label
  89. Some song requests - UNEDITED PLEASE!
  90. Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. Release New Album
  91. When Devils Play da Movie
  92. If You Have On Demand
  93. Mobb Deep Called Out By A Fan
  94. Queens Reigns Supreme: Fat Cat, 50 Cent, and the Rise of the Hip-Hop Hustler
  95. Best Rapper Alive
  96. Hip Hop
  97. Bump J
  98. Diddy Fragrance Ad Campaign
  99. underrated rappers
  100. BET to Air 'Lil' Kim: Countdown to Lockdown' in March
  101. Saigon Recovering Well After Incident
  102. Buy It Download It But Do It
  103. New Mase Mixtape
  104. The New Commission .. Who would you pick?
  105. Cuban Link - Cuban Legend [3CD]
  106. Big L feat Papoose - Im A Hustla (DJ Potg Remix)
  107. Cam'ron = Biter
  108. //New Scarface sig i made//
  109. Ghostface Killah - Fishscales Cover
  110. nas
  111. the commission part 2 - Who's the best
  112. Albums Im Waitin For In 06
  113. Jay-Z signs Nas to Def Jam
  114. eazy-e question
  115. When Devils Play da Movie-Famine da Don
  116. Kanye West
  117. who's side do u think biggie would be on
  118. Top Producers Planning To Sue Diddy And Bad Boy
  119. After niggas let white people destroy another good thing
  120. L.A.'s Biggie Bill
  121. Cam'ron Faces Jail For Leaving State
  122. Jay-Z Responds To Cam'ron
  123. Nas' Ex-Girlfriend Releases Tell-all Autobiography
  124. Diddy To Make Bad Boy As Big As Ever In '06
  125. Eminem Sells Wedding Pics To Glossy Trash Magazine
  126. Trailer for Outkast’s upcoming film Idlewild
  127. Fader 12/20 Interview w/Raekwon on OB4CL2
  128. DMX Freestyle to Reporters - Video
  129. Underrappers
  130. Need Information about a Beat
  131. TASF Welcomes Black History Month
  132. Irv Gotti Wants Shyne
  133. Cam'ron: "I'm no snitch"
  134. Rakim Tickets On Sale Tomorrow
  135. 50 Cent's Son To Model Sean John
  136. Feds Hit Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff With New Murder Charge
  137. MySpace Helps Warren G's Album Sales
  138. Boondocks Offends Al Sharpton; Gets Second Series From Network
  139. Mike Shonoda Speaks On Fort Minor Tour
  140. Los Angeles Sues Video Game Makers
  141. The Songstress of Floetry To Sign With Dr. Dre
  142. Nas Gets His Own Record Label At Def Jam
  143. A question about Nas' Illmatic :)
  144. 1/28 Info On Nas' New Album (Including New Single)
  145. Corey Gunz
  146. Nas - The Message Is So Perfect...
  147. ja or 50
  148. Game Gets Played
  149. Belly - Sick Diss Track
  150. Murs
  151. Nas - Release Party For Illmatic
  152. Saigon speaks on 2Pac
  153. Da Ladyz
  154. Big Daddy Kane @ Nokia Theatre video
  155. Canibus Is Top 10 Dead Or Alive...
  156. Remy Ma Freestyle: Taking shots at Foxxy, Gloria Velez and Buffie *link inside*
  157. Diddy Does Diet Pepsi
  158. Post Up Some 2Pac Footage
  159. RZA is a very good rapper
  160. Big Pun a TOP 5 Rapper Of All Time
  161. bizarre - hanni cap circus
  162. faith evens
  163. New 50 Cent Movie
  164. Oh No! Not Fat Joe And Remy…
  165. Does anyone..
  166. This Section Is Doomed...
  167. Can Somebody Post This?
  168. Dj Krueger; Saturday Night Slasher Hour!
  169. J Dilla aka Jay Dee has passed away
  170. Mc Hammer is back!!!!!!!!
  171. does anybody know what beat jada is talking over in the 50 diss ?
  172. Jay Dee Discography
  173. classic hip hop for new heads to check
  174. Feb 12--- Kanye Speaks on Jays new album and his own addiction to porn
  175. Kanye & Jaimee's '06 Grammy Performance
  176. Burns Luciano The Drug Life
  177. Big L
  178. Diddy Produces Most Of The New Jay-Z Album
  179. Tupac Assassination: Conspiracy or Revenge
  180. Jay Z Public Service Anouncment (Burns Luciano Remix)
  181. Someone Puts Noose Around Tupac Statue
  182. official tracklist for "american gangster"??
  183. KRS-One and ODB - MC Battle with Who shot Ya beat
  184. A Tribe Called Quest Fans Check this out!!!
  185. Pimp C is dead.
  186. Jay Z -American Gangster Burns Luciano Edition
  187. BREAKING NEWS: Jay-Z Leaves Def Jam
  188. Lil Kim Explains Remy Ma Diss, Blames Remy For The Beef
  189. Jay-Z To Quit Def Jam Recordings
  190. Masthieve Readies New Album And Collaborates With Saigon
  191. Listen To The Wu Tang's New Album 8 Diagrams Now!
  192. Jay-Z Announces New Year's Eve Weekend Concert In Las Vegas
  193. Diddy Dating Cassie?
  194. 50 Cent on Shade 45 radio airing beef with the Wu-Tang's own Gza...Biggie mentioned
  195. Jay-Z Wants To Open Five More 40/40 Clubs
  196. Ice Cube Says Blaming Gangsta Rap Is ''An Easy Solution''
  197. Kanye West Thanks Fans For Support After His Mother's Death
  198. Eminem Rushed To Hospital During Holidays
  199. Jay-Z To Go Into Partnership With Apple?
  200. Suge Knight Asks Judge To Reasses $130 Mil Lawsuit
  201. Dr. Dre Markets New Line Of Headphones
  202. 50 Cent and Chris Brown Working With Michael Jackson
  203. Snoop Dogg Doesn't Want His Kids Rapping
  204. Wu-Tang Clan and Ja Rule Put Rap Spin On The Beatles
  205. Prodigy of Mobb Deep Hospitalized; Jail Bid Postponed
  206. Bill Gates Begs Jay-Z For Job
  207. Cause Of Death For Kanye West's Mother Inconclusive
  208. New Eminem Produced By DJ Premier???
  209. Beenie Man Getting Mugged
  210. Soulja Boy Dissing GZA
  211. Soulja Boy Gets Owned...
  212. Lil' Kim Dropped From Atlantic Records
  213. J-flexx -
  214. *SERIOUS SHOCKING VIDEO* Man Claims "Jim Jones Hired Him To Kill Stack Bundles"
  215. Will I Am & Barack Obama - Yes We Can (Music Video)
  216. Big L old school baby!
  217. Peep these beats, they are ill dog
  218. lisa left eyes last seconds caught on film
  219. Being A Gay Rapper
  220. Jay-z goes platinum with his recent album making him the first ever artist to do it..
  221. Beat help;p
  222. Help me identify the beat of this freestyle!
  223. Hippie Collection
  224. "new Single "gotta Get That Paper" Twanie Rank & Joelarroca"
  225. Dr. Dre, Snoop Doggy Dogg - Deep Cover (Uncensored) [DVD-RIP]
  226. Download: 50 Cent - Elephant in the sand (mixtape 2008)
  227. Anybody got the XXL articles on the makings of....
  228. Barack Obama Says he listens to Jay-Z American Gangster
  229. anyone up for a remix contest? Snoop "Sets Up" inst and dirt inside
  230. The Making of Puff Daddy & The Family - No Way Out
  231. Look out for Wale
  232. whos this biggie wannabe?
  233. Shakespeare Brooklyns Next Big Thing
  234. Sick Pun Track
  235. Ice Cube - Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It
  236. What If...
  237. Iron Mic: Eli Porter vs. Envy
  238. From Pac to 50
  239. the game can sum1 help please
  240. Rare Tupac Interview Inside Death Row Office 95
  241. Snoop Dogg Wildstyle
  242. Sign Knight gets knocked the fuck out.
  243. gays in hip hop
  244. who do u hate in hip hop
  245. best lines/verses u ever heard
  246. 50 cent has NEVER smoked weed in his life
  247. tiger attacks trainer in rick ross video shoot
  248. papoose will break remy outta jail
  249. the game wants to kill himself
  250. Jay-Z To Rep The (BRooklyn) Nets in NBA Draft Lottery TODAY