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  1. Nas Issues Statement Regarding 'Nigger' Name Change
  2. Westwood - Styles P freestyle New York 1Xtra
  3. Uncle Murder - Are you guys feeling this video for his single "Pop Off" or not?..
  4. Why Obama Can't Win!..The REAL Reason!
  5. DOO WOP responds to lil wayne
  6. New Chino XL track called "I'm Coming" off his new album "The Secret."
  7. CD for a hip-hop beginner
  8. Has anyone heard that new Nas entiled "N.i.g.g.e.r" (the Slave And The Master) yet?
  9. Hip Hop Albums from this Decade
  10. check out the new short film for Nas's video "be a Nigger Too" (view view inside)
  11. Speak - The Hungarian Rapper
  12. The Worst Rap Video Ever
  13. The Worst Rap Battle Ever
  14. Superstar KZ - Freestajlo
  15. LL Cool J new mixtape called "Return of The G.O.A.T. Mixtape" (Link)
  16. Rip Tupac Shakur Today He Wouldve Been 37
  17. New Shakespeare Freestyle Do Not Sleep
  18. Ether
  19. The Rap Game Meets the Twilight Zone (This is not a bullshit post)
  20. Refrences to 2pac
  21. New Michael Jackson and Akon track called "Hold My Hand", are you feeling this track?
  22. [REQ] Dr. Dre, Snoop Doggy Dogg - Deep Cover (censored)
  23. Post your top 10 listened to
  24. Tribute to Biggie, Big L, Pun and Pac
  25. ODB fkd up on Yo MTV
  26. 50 cent talks to KRS-One and Marley Marl
  27. The Worst Rap CD Cover
  28. Death Row sold out
  29. New Uncle Murda track "WAR"
  30. YO Radio: The Game L.A.X. Review
  31. Who Killed Jam Master
  32. Chubb Rock "Just the Two of Us" VLS (1991)
  33. Biggies Accepll A
  34. "Hit em up" by 2pac
  35. hip-hop-cash-kings
  36. gun pulled on diddy
  37. Dr Dres son dies suddenly
  38. Four Held Over Obama Assassination Plot
  39. Jay-Z On Blueprint 3: 'I Gotta Make The Best Product'
  40. Bet Hot 16 Challenge
  41. wtf has Kim done?
  42. The Realest Killa G-Unit Diss?
  43. Tupac Overated Article
  44. Big Mike Presents - Maino Is The Future (Mixtape with Mr. Cee)
  45. 50 cent on Late night Conan O'brien speaking Al Pacino/Robert DeNiro-assisted movie
  46. Bad Boy 4 Life or D.I.D.D.Y.
  47. Big Pun's Widow Says She Is Responsible For Big Pun's Death
  48. 2pac producer/friend Johnny J killls himself
  49. K-Ci and JoJo's Performance
  50. Slick Rick's Tribute @ The Hip-Hop Honors 2008
  51. Jay-Z Ft Uncle Murda - "He Asked For It?" [CDQ]
  52. New Eminem song here!!!!
  53. New 50 Cent "Get Up" track off the new album "Before I Self Destruct" due in December
  54. Before they was famous pics LMAO
  55. Does anyone have these Loon singles to sell?
  56. Is there a Dirty version of Kanye West's School Spirit
  57. RZA as Bobby Digital "Drama" featuring Thea and Monk (New Video)
  58. Watch a B.E.T. Cypher ft Ace Hood, Juelz Santana, Fabolous and Jadakiss (Video rip)
  59. Halfway House
  60. Rate these rappers
  61. Jay-Z concert footage for Obama
  62. Reenactment
  63. Compter Love track ripped by Fabolous, Ghostface, Papoose & Sheek Louch
  64. Def Jam Vice Pres Shakir Stewart Dead Of Suicide; Def Jam Issues Statement
  65. Big Pun
  66. Making of capital punishment
  67. Maino
  68. New track by Nas "Election Night" (Recorded on Nov. 4th 2008)!
  69. New Jay-Z track off da Blueprint III (full track radio rip from HOT97!)
  70. New Common track "Changes" in honor of Barrack Obama's historical win!
  71. Big Pun The Legacy
  72. Death Row Assets Auctioned For $18 Million
  73. Making of Capital Punishment
  74. Hip Hop Picture Thread
  75. 50 Cent vs Rick Ross.
  76. Big Pun Legacy
  77. Under Rated Rappers
  78. Canadian Rapper Spits DISGUSTING Radio Freestyles ((LINK INSIDE))
  79. Is There A Big Pun Collection Out?
  80. Rap City - Big Pun
  81. Lloyd Banks Officer down
  82. When is Shyne Out of Jail.
  83. Making of Capital Punishment
  84. Wu-tang clan @ Hultsfreds festival
  85. Big Pun: The Legacy DVD Coming This Summer
  86. Check this out!
  87. DJ Krueger LIVE
  88. Tupac speaks
  89. Big Pun Toe To Toe
  90. R.I.P Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes
  91. Curse of Diddy
  92. Jay-Z Producer Spills "Blueprint 3" Details, "It's Gonna Be A Full Fledged Classic"
  93. Big Pun
  94. New Eminem musics
  95. question about life after death dvd
  96. college dropout original/remastered/uncensored?
  97. Eminem Gets ATM By Borat
  98. Songs featuring the Great BIG
  99. Underrated Albums
  100. All time top 5?
  101. Big Pun Dvdrips!
  102. Can someone rip this?
  103. relapse instrumentals/acapellas?
  104. Slaughterhouse - Strictly for the ladies!! comedy!!
  105. Download the ORIGINAL & UNCUT Makaveli album
  106. Can someone rip this?
  107. The Lox performs "If You Think I'm Jiggy" on All That! (Video)
  108. Need Some Help To I.d. Some Bad Boy Songs
  109. One dope Polish video
  110. "3 Feet High and Rising": De La Soul's Track by Track Guide to Groundbreaking 1989 LP
  111. Unreleased/Rare Bad Boy Tracks
  112. Big Pun: The Legacy
  113. Jay-Z Rhapsody Commercial (Jay re-creates his album covers)
  114. Lil Cease B'Day Party @ Jersey Girls Strip Club
  115. Big Pun ft. Black Thought - Super Lyrical (Official Video) [NEW/2009]
  116. BluePrint 3 - What Ya All Think?
  117. Ja-Z - Live Concert - 9/11/09
  118. VMA's - Who Seen them??
  119. Big Pun: The Legacy
  120. Drake - Forever Music Video
  121. Big Pun: The Legacy DvdRip
  122. Cardan - Hey Young World (Pre-Release)
  123. What Black Rob tracks came out in like 97 era that didn't make his album?
  124. i need these lil kim tracks, please help!
  125. Red (Homeless G-Funk beat boxer)
  126. J.one 52 bars
  127. Vatican Approves Tupac's Song "Changes"
  128. recommend me some NY chill winter songs ?
  129. Late Night hustlin songs ?
  130. Favourite diss songs
  131. Reporter VS Lil Wayne
  132. R.I.P. Big Pun
  133. Method Man & Redman - How High (OG)
  134. Tech N9ne
  135. How accurate to you all feel this is
  136. Did i hear biggie
  137. i would like to compile a list
  138. I rap just like Big Pun (Video)
  139. My Music Video ((Self-Made Parody))
  140. New jay z diss
  141. Eminem scraps Relapse 2, New album, Recovery, Set for June 22nd Release!
  142. G-dep - Fuck On The First night (UNRELEASED VERSION)
  143. The Next 48 Hours With Rick Ross
  144. OFFERING $50 each for these Loon songs in PHYSICAL form
  145. Does anyone have peaches and cream remix with fabolous with no dj?
  146. anyone else buy the mark curry ebook and not get it?
  147. Looking for Dirty version of Marching 9 Tribute
  148. Snoop Dogg - Doggumentary (2011)
  149. Rare Footage Of 2Pac Photoshoot For 'Makaveli' Album!
  150. Download music mp3?
  151. J.One The G.O.A.T Greatest Of All Time (Directed By Burns Luciano)
  152. Sean Kingston crashes watercraft
  153. Rihanna @ Today Show Grabbed
  154. Who shot 2Pac in 94:
  155. [HD Video] Kendrick Lamar 2pac tribute
  156. Rare Shyne & Diddy Interview (1999)
  157. Heavy D & The Boyz With 2Pac, Puff Daddy & Flavor Flav On "In Living Color" (Classic)
  158. Black Rob "Showin Up" Music Video
  159. Kanye West Real Talk
  160. Boricuas Bond
  161. BTS Video: The Making Of Aasim's "The Message" (Bad Boy)
  162. Music Video: Aasim - The Message
  163. XXL Presents Lil’ Cease Hardbody TV: Preview [VIDEO]
  164. Video:Aasim Ft. Ryan Leslie & Biggie - Fly Together
  165. New big pun mixtape
  166. what rare bad boy promo albums are out?
  167. LIL CEASE "HOW IT IS" [Directed by: Mazi O.]
  168. anyone on here have the Belly sountrack?
  169. Anyone have the physical Swagger like puff CD?
  170. Substance Abuse feat. Tash of Tha Alkaholiks Video "Don't Get Us Wrong"
  171. Rick Ross Has Seizure
  172. Rap skills
  173. DJ Schemes BXC Music - 20K Mixtape
  174. Eminem on the Road Back From Hell
  175. Watch The Throne (Documentary)
  176. Jason Derulo takes a tumble
  177. DJ Krueger - After You Die - Music Video Premiere!
  178. Notorious big rare verses dj kontrol edits
  179. Rihanna's Emergency Cheetos Dash
  180. hot97 iphone app
  181. Lil cease hard body dvd
  182. "Dirty White Boy" ODB Movie
  183. Whoo Kid's Untold Stories
  184. Adam Yauch Passed Away (Beastie Boys)
  185. First Annual Notorious B.I.G Charitable Affair w/ Daughter T'Yanna Wallace meet&greet
  186. K-Rino
  187. Nicki Minaj Fan Murdered Then Raped
  188. Eminem Working on New Album
  189. Lil Phat fatally shot
  190. Usher Stepson Jet Ski Accident
  191. Is Rihanna Out of Control?
  192. Ice T Talks Art Of Rap film
  193. LL Cool J vs Burglar
  194. Big Pun DVD
  195. Rare Craig Mack Videos
  196. Jay-Z Live at the Country Club, NYC 1995
  197. Tupac Had Plans To Work With Craig Mack
  198. EXCLUSIVE: Interview I conducted with PRINCE PAUL...
  199. Eminems Commercial Sued
  200. Cake Like Lady Gaga ft Kendric Lamer
  201. Natina Reed rip
  202. Crooked I - Adorn Freestyle [Sings Biggie and tupac verse]
  203. The Game - Celebration
  204. Rita Ora Cheats on Rob Kardashian
  205. Lil Kim Explains Nicki Minaj feud
  206. Merry Christmas!!!
  207. Jay-Z First Interview w/ Foxy Brown for "Reasonable Doubt" Album 1996
  208. Snoop Lion
  209. Beyoncé - Super Bowl 2013
  210. Hip Hop Magazine Archive
  211. Game - The City (Talks big)
  212. Tim Dog Dead at 46
  213. Rick Ross Vs Women's Groups
  214. Substance Abuse feat. KRS-One "Rear View"
  215. Jay-Z Performs Can I Live & 22 Two's Live
  216. Mobb Deep G.O.D. Pt. III Behind The Scenes
  217. Is Jay-Z a Time Traveler?
  218. Kanye West Walks Into Sign
  219. Fat joe , big pun , alliyah in harlem
  220. A day with mop , pudgee tha phat bastard session
  221. Amanda Bynes To Release Rap Album
  222. Rihanna Hits Fan
  223. 2pac - Holler if you hear me video - (making of)
  224. Zimmerman Not Guilty(Rappers Unite)
  225. Jay-Z Surpasses Tupac US Sales
  226. Kanye West & Paparazzi
  227. Does anyone have DJ Clue Mixtape Triangle Offence with Joe Budden, Fab and Paul Cain?
  228. snoop dogg murder was the case
  229. Rare Hip Hop Pictures
  230. NEW VIDEO: Substance Abuse "Frontrow"
  231. Substance Abuse feat. Sadat X "Three Sheets to the Wind"
  232. Pharrell Williams and dancers make Grammy 'hands up' gesture for Michael Brown
  233. Best Price On Numark NS7III 4 Channel DJ Performance Controller . USD 999
  234. Former LAPD Cop Claims Diddy Had Tupac Shakur Murdered For $1M, Suge Knight Retaliate
  235. Faith Evans & The Notorious B.I.G. - Ten Wife Commandments [New Song]
  236. Opinions on email marketing
  237. The Reel Tape of Daz Dillinger & Biggie 1996 at (Daz studio)
  238. Non Hip Hop Movies That Feature UGHH?
  239. Myka 9 And Freematic "teleported"
  240. Dave East - Paranoia Album Discussion Thread
  241. Thoughts on the current wave of soundcloud rappers?
  242. And you go online and see for Blue's tooth, the tooth fairy didn't pay: Quadruple Ent
  243. By 2020 I think lyrics are gonna take a backseat in hip-hop entirely, and conscious h
  244. Suge Knight sentenced to 28 years in prison
  245. real talk but biggie was trash
  246. vanilloa ice > biggie breal talk
  247. Real Rare B.I.G Thing Junior M.A.F.I.A. - Player's Anthem (Album Version) (Acapella)
  248. Uncle Murda - March 9th
  249. Nebz Supreme and Eso Tre ft. Prince Po "Take it to the Bank"
  250. Which was the better debut; The Chronic or Doggystyle?