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    > Notorious B.I.G. had the ability to write songs in his head and then freestyle them to make tracks right on the spot. Biggie used this ability especially on his first debut album "Ready to Die.

    > It's rumored fact that the time of Biggie death, he had five songs in his head which he was working on.

    > Did you know that '95 Biggie debuted at number five in the pop singles chart with the single "One More Chance", tying Michael Jackson's "Scream" as the highest-debuting single of all time? (The previous record holders at the time were "The Beatles"

    > Biggie was asked to work with king of pop Michael Jackson on his album "History - Past Present & Future Book 1" on the infamous track "This Time Around". Mike even cursed on the track!

    > BiG was asked to appear in a movie with Robert De Niro and Christopher Walken and the concept of the movie was to play a role as a NYC drug lord. BIG never got the chance.

    > B.I.G.'s first DJ was 50 Grand back from his old neighborhood in BK and his other Dj was Mr. Cee who was Ol' skool rapper Big Daddy Kane's Dj.

    > Biggie was going to open a fast food chain called "Big Poppa's" which would serve soul food and would be open 24 hrs a day to serve the community in which he lived in.

    > The Notorious B.I.G.'s album "Life After Death" is certified Diamond. Meaning it sold more than 10 million copies. First hardcore rap album to hit Diamond and first East Coast rapper to hit Diamond as well.

    > Biggie was one of the first MC's ever to successfully bridge the gap between commercial and underground success.

    > Here's a very rare fact most people might not know, Biggie, Jay-Z and Busta Rhymes attended the same high school in downtown Brooklyn.

    > Did you know that in '94 when Biggie dropped his classic debut album "Ready To Die", he brought back the focus on New York and the east coast domination in the rap industry?

    > B.I.G. made an appearance on the top rated urban show "New York Undercover" playing as himself on a talk show next to rapper M.C. Lyte and Sticky Fingaz.

    > Biggie appeared in the top rated T.V. show "Martin", playing as himself as an old friend of Martins looking for a backup singer for his tour.

    > Notorious B.I.G. first signed to Uptown Records which was his first recording deal in 1993.

    > Did you know that Biggie Smalls has his own clothing line which he started in '96 called "Brooklyn Mint, Inc."? Biggie wanted to start a clothing line that would cater to "Big" men like himself, seeing as though it was hard to find the quality of clothing he admired in hissize and style. To this day, the company is still up in B.I.G.'s memory.

    > B.I.G. is an acronym that stands for "Books Instead of Guns." The acronym itself used to stand for "Business Instead of Game" but since his death, his foundation gave it a new meaning which now helps benefit the CWMF, Inc., a foundation in memory of B.I.G. which helps bring in books & computers for impoverished schools NY & Atlanta.

    > Did you know that Biggie had two children including one daughter and one son? The first child was a girl from his girlfriend Jan in his old neighborhood. The second child was a boy who was born thru B.I.G.'s wife & label mate Faith Evans.

    > A lot of people don't know that Biggie Smalls was of Jamaican decent and was raised in a single parent home by his loving mother, Voletta Wallace.

    > Biggie was an "A" student before his run-in's with the street. There's was also talk that Biggie himself wanted to become an inspiring dentist and graphic artist. Biggie had the grades to get there.

    > Biggie first gained attention on the appearance to the remix of Mary J Blige's hit single "Real Love".

    > Where did the alias "Biggie Smalls" come from? 1975 there's was a movie released entitled "Let's Do It Again" starring Sidney Poitier and Bill Cosby who while their characters are trying to hypnotize a boxer named Bootney Farnsworth (played by Jimmy Walker) into thinking he's a champ by winning fights. This attracts the attention of a group of gangsters lead by Biggie Smalls (played by Calvin Lockhart) who wants a piece of the action. This is where the alias "Biggie Smalls" originated which B.I.G. made famous. Later on in Biggie's neighborhood, his peers would give him this name seeing as though he was Bigger in "height" and "size" than most his constituents.

    > Biggie was first known to the world of hip hop when he appeared on the "Unsigned Hype" section of The Source magazine. This
    magazine is the largest hip hop distributed magazine since the early 90's.

    > Why did Biggie referred to himself as "Frank White"? Well here is the low down grasshoppers. There is a movie entitled "King Of New York" starring Christopher Walken who plays the role of "Frank White," a drug lord who's just been released
    from a long stint in prison. Frank has become determined to give something back to the city, and he hatches a scheme to build a multimillion-dollar public hospital in one of Brooklyn's worst ghetto neighborhoods. Needing the assistance of his fellow criminals to pull it off, Frank encounters a wall of resistance from every faction. Frank's do-gooder efforts ultimately result in a Mob war and in a bloody showdown between the city's various ethnic criminal actions. This is where B.I.G. obtained the alias "Frank White" and referred to him as the "Black Frank White".