• Busta Rhymes Praises Gucci Mane, Talks Sampling Notorious B.I.G. For Album

    Busta Rhymes praises Gucci Mane calling him a “dope mother f*cker,” and explains the making of their track together dubbed “Make It Look Easy.”

    Busta Rhymes recently dropped his “Year Of The Dragon” album as a free project for fans. The album was well received throughout most of the hip hop community, but there was a surprise record on the project in the track “Make It Look Easy.”

    The song was sampled from the late Notorious B.I.G.’s track ‘Dreams,’ so it was definitely quite a surprise to hear Gucci Mane on the track. Busta Rhymes explains he was looking to do something different with the single, which is exactly why he put a southern rap artist on the single.

    ” It’s really a New York [record] and since B.I.G. did such an amazing job with it, there’s really nothing wrong with people calling it the “Dreams” beat. My thing is we’ve heard a lot of artists jump on Southern productions and I thought it would be interesting if we have a South artist jump on a classic New York production.”

    Busta Rhymes went on to tell SOHH that Gucci Mane is a truly talented artist, and not to mention a “dope mother f*cker.”

    ” That was pretty much the idea behind the record. Gucci Mane is a dope motherf*cker to me. I can speak from a personal experience because I’ve seen the brother work in the studio. I’ve seen how hard he works and you can go to a Gucci Mane concert and see how talented this artist is.”