• March 9th 2013, 16 years since Notorious BIG walked the earth

    It's been 16 years since the late great Notorious BIG walked this great earth. In this period, so many things have changed since his passing such as the music, the lifestyle and the people. One thing that have never changed is the day in which we remember when one of music's most talented artist was assassinated. Notorious BIG was indeed as very important figure in the hip hop scene and also in the struggle of every day life on this earth. He represented the life of a ghetto superstar and reminded us, that with talent and effort we can make our dreams become a reality.

    We all have gifts that make us different from our counterparts and Christopher Wallace had a talent that he was able to share with the entire world and inspire millions. He gave hope to so many and his endowment continues to elevate the lives of others 'til this day. As we all have our own favorite title that we have grwon to know him by which could be Christopher Wallace, Notorious BIG, Biggie Smalls, Frank White, he was just an wonderful persona and human being. When we heard him, he spoke to us like he was one of us at home, at work, at school and help to elevated our lives. He gave us that one thing we all have that keeps waking up to a brand new day, hope.

    It's been a remarkable run helping keep this nonprofit site active since 1999 until now and we will always keep this a home for all the fans. We see ourselves as an online community for the fans that have a place to call home when remembering BIG and we gladly continue to keep these doors open for all the supporters. We have some updates for the members and fans. So check out the site for some very useful updates and more. You might not be disenchanted.

    This day belongs to BIG and we honor him in spirit and in our daily lives by doing BIG things for ourselves the people around us. Today we should celebrate it and do something BIG for someone else to elevate their lives, just like BIG did while we walked this earth 16 years ago.

    Rest in Peace Christopher G. L. Wallace
    You were and still continue to be the greatest