• "I was with BIG 24 hours before he died" says Keith Murray on "In The Rain"

    Keith Murray recently released a new album entitled "Puff Puff". Having peaked in the 90's and despite legal troubles (the Def Squad member served time in prison and was even released from his Def Jam records over an alleged assault), Murray has still managed to stay on top of his game by releasing several albums over the last few years. Keith has a track on the album entitled "In The Rain" featuring

    Rachel Evans and Smigg dirty where he (Keith Murray) mentions he was with the late great Notorious B.I.G. on March 8th in the last verse. Murray also quotes a classic line from B.I.G. from "What's Beef" off Notorious B.I.G.'s classic double album "Life After Death ('Til Death Do Us Part).

    The last verse goes as followed:
    “Like my uncle Phil, humble respectable guy
    He got hit by a car, dam, that’s how he died
    I was with BiG 24 hours before he died
    In the truck with cease, on the passenger side

    Niggaz talk shyt pack gats all the time
    And won’t shoot at the hoop from the free-throw line
    Niggah get out of line and get laid out
    Fuck that beef shyt, that shyt is played out”