• Watch more footage 13 years ago from March 25th 1997 and more!

    In memory of March 25th, "when the earth shall rumble" (as Biggie was quoted as saying), below are more encoded video recordings that year that the late great Notorious B.I.G. was assassinated. These news clips come from many VHS tapes I used to record when

    emotions where high in the news hearing that Biggie never survived the shooting. As I stated before, its kind of sentimental watching these videos since it gave me a broader insight on how powerful Biggie essence was. He was mourned worldwide and it shows how much he meant to us fans globally. We all felt his passing and never forgot it. There are sixteen (16) more news clip coverage from NBC News, CBS News, FOX News, UPN News Network, WB Network. May You find peace in the after life Chris...

    To view these video, must

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