• SNL implements "Biggie Flag" on "Flags of the World" Skit!

    The late great Notorious B.I.G. iconic status continues to spread out to the globe and this time it’s once again on the longest running late night comedy show in television history, "Saturday Night Live". Hosted by Jenifer Lopez, episode 17 (which originally aired on February 27th) aired this past April 3rd with a "Digital Short” that was a cheerfully wacky music video. Entitled “Flags of the World”, writers came up with many flags that hypothetically have been collected throughout the world. Sample flags included on the hilarious sketch were the “Wearing garbage bags taking drags from fag flag”, “Nap on Flag“, “We Love Betty White Flag”, “No You Didn’t Flag” and of course the “Biggie flag”. In their twisted way, the writers came up with a really funny and unusually skit as always (no wonder they lasted for over 35 years).

    SNL (Saturday Night Live) is currently still allowing videos feeds of this entire sketch online which you can check out below: