• Slim (of 112) samples the late great Notorious B.I.G. on debut single

    Not featured on the solo tip since stepping into the Booth with Heels On way back in February of 2009, Slim of the R & B group 112, breaks his three-year-plus silence with a freshly-minted promo single "Baby Baby". Originally featured on DJ Lyte/DJ Lucky Calhoun-presented mixtapeCruisin’ Da City Vol. 1, this smooth selection finds Roc on Command serving up a synth-laced beat as the 112 alum lets his girl know exactly how much she means to him.

    Slim's mixtape Crusin Da City quickly gave R&B fans what they have been waiting for,true R&B music sang by a true R&B artist. This album produced track called "Baby Baby" which includes a beautifully placed sample by the late great Notorious B.I.G. There is great instrumentation on the track complete with a hook sampled from Biggie‘s monumental track "Juicy" (off the classic "Ready to Die" album intro. "Baby Baby" has been getting spins from the radio, club DJ's, and blasted through the internet making quick waves in the R&B community.

    Listen to the track "baby Baby" below: