• The B.I.G. forums were upgraded tonight

    To all the fans,

    The B.I.G. forums were upgraded tonight. I do apologize for the delay in updates but do to time constraints, the site has been neglected in more ways than others. I'm working to schedule some time to get the site fully function hopefully with a couple of weeks. I know I made this promise a few months back but the problem was due to personal and scheduling time frame.

    I know we all access this site and continue to enjoy the legacy which B.I.G. left behind and I don't want anyone to feel that this will take away from that. I will pop up tomorrow with an occasional update as well. Stay tuned, we still are here and we never left. I want to thank all the members who have emailed me with updates and also everyone out there still visiting the site even with the lack of updates. This is the motivation we get when you update the site and keep it running online for all of the late great Notorious B.I.G.'s fans.

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    1. AznBKmami's Avatar
      AznBKmami -
      thanks - i'll keep checking back for updates.:king: