• Update on Notorious BIG movie

    There hasn't been much public news about the upcoming Notorious B.I.G. biopic since the well publicized October open casting calls in New York. However our sources who are working on this movie have given us an exclusive update. While you can still view video submissions on the official site, all open casting calls have been closed including

    the online submissions as well. You can listen to some of the contestants here though and judge for yourself how similar they sound to B.I.G. Our sources were very tight-lipped about when filming will actually start, but they did reveal casting is not final and still in progress.

    Basically they debunked every rumored actor/actress discussed on the net. What does this mean? It means at this point in time don't believe anything you hear about casting for this film. The producers already had to publicly announce Sean Kingston was not cast as Biggie. So to set the record straight Guerrilla Black or Forrest Whitaker is not playing Biggy, Fredro Starr is not playing Tupac, and Diddy is not playing Diddy. But this is Hollywood...who knows...since Diddy is an exec producer on the film he could always demand he put himself in.

    So who would be the perfect cast for Biggie, Pac, Diddy and Faith Evans? And no...Faith Evans as Faith Evans does not always we'll have the official updates as they roll in.