• Beanie Sigel auditions for B.I.G. movie

    Beanie Sigel is hoping to land the title role in the upcoming Biggie Smalls biopic Notorious. According to MTV News, the Broad St. Bully recently auditioned for the role as part of the film’s open casting call. Beans says he is a “huge B.I.G. fan” and feels that he is by far the best choice for the role. You also recently auditioned for the B.I.G. movie. What made you decide to do that?

    Beanie Sigel: Well, you know I got the n---- Puff call... Nah I'm playing. I felt as thought that would be a good role for me. I think I could pull it off. I would put 200 percent into whatever I'm being asked to do. To make people believe, when they see that movie, they think they seeing B.I.G. You got your own persona. Beans and Biggie are two different characters. How do you think you can make that shift?

    Beanie Sigel: I would study; the voice, the body language. I [would] have to talk to his personal people who knew him or [his] childhood friends. I need to know everything about B.I.G. The things people don't know about him, so that I can make that distinction between Beanie Siegel and Biggie Smalls. Who else could play that part? Well you know Sean Kingston auditioned for the role also.

    Beanie Sigel: Like I said who else can play that part? (laughs)
    Beanie Sigel: Come on man... That might be suicidal. (singing) You seem real confident. Did the audition go well?

    Beanie Sigel: You know Hollywood, they say don't call us we will call you. I got called back twice for a reading. I read in front of B.I.G.'s mom and everything. I think I did pretty well.