• J.Period & Ralph McDaniels Honor B.I.G. with March 9th Video Remix Collection

    New York, NY (Tuesday March 9, 2010) – Whether remixing Lauryn Hill, Q-Tip, K’NAAN or Nneka, J.Period Mixtapes have been hailed for their “cinematic” quality, weaving remixes, interviews, and sound bytes into mixtapes that play like movies. Now, J.Period joins forces with another visual

    storyteller, hip hop’s undisputed video king, “Uncle” Ralph McDaniels (Video Music Box, The Bridge), to push these boundaries even further with the March 9: Video Remix Collection.

    Since March 9, 2007 (the 10th Anniversary of B.I.G.’s passing), J.Period has paid tribute to Brooklyn’s Finest each year with a new installment of the March 9 Project, co-produced by DJ G Brown. Named 2008’s “Top Street Albums” by MTV, March 9 re-imagines classic B.I.G. verses over different musical landscapes, wondering: what would hip hop be like if B.I.G. were still alive? Now, pairing exclusive March 9 remixes with B.I.G. music videos, J.Period & Ralph McDaniels offer a glimpse of what that might look like—a thrilling optical illusion: B.I.G., alive on celluloid, performing new versions of classic tracks in a way you’ve never seen or heard before.

    Today, March 9, 2010, J.Period and “Uncle” Ralph are pleased to present the first installment of the March 9: Video Remix Collection: “Flava in Ya Ear (March 9 Video Remix),” a club-shattering blend of old and new that will have you pressing the rewind button… repeatedly. Then tonight, join J.Period & Ralph McDaniels as they premiere additional videos from the March 9: Video Remix Collection at Diddy & Mr. Cee’s B.I.G. Tribute at The Lab in Brooklyn, NY!! And later this month, tune in as BET’s “The Deal” premieres March 9: Video Remixes as part of its own B.I.G. tribute. Want the latest? All March 9: Video Remixes and original remixes will be available throughout the month at:

    “I’m thrilled to be working with a legend like “Uncle” Ralph, who is still so passionate and creative after 25 years in the game,” says J.Period. “Ralph’s vast knowledge of hip hop makes him the perfect collaborator for what I do. Teaming up to pay tribute to B.I.G. felt like the perfect way to spark that collaboration.”

    Ralph echoes this sentiment: “It’s been a pleasure working with J.Period. What he creates is more than just a CD, or mixtape. He’s like a documentarian. The collabo on this March 9 project is gonna be crazy...”

    J.Period releases the March 9: Video Remix Collection on the heels of a featured role in Activision’s blockbuster DJ Hero (2009’s #1 ranked video game), and a stirring collaboration with Nigerian rising star, Nneka, called The Madness. Released in December to rave reviews (Beyond Race Magazine’s “Top Albums of 2009”), The Madness has already earned over 80.000 plays/downloads. Indeed, 2009 marked a banner year for J.Period downloads, with his 5 mixtape tributes (Q-Tip, Kweli, K’NAAN, Nneka, MJ) earning over 800K downloads throughout the year.

    To anyone that knows hip hop, Ralph McDaniels needs no introduction. For over 25 years, no name has been more synonymous with hip hop videos than “Uncle” Ralph, legenadary VJ and creator of Video Music Box. Since 1984, “Uncle” Ralph has directed over 200 music videos for hip hop icons including Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, Ice-T, and Blackmoon, worked on countless hip hop films (associate producer for Juice), and truly earned his moniker: “The King of All Videos.” In recent years, Ralph has also seized on technology to create groundbreaking audio/visual DJ sets that draw from his vast video archive, performing at clubs and arenas around the world. This video-mixing technology was key in the creation of the March 9: Video Remix Collection.

    J.Period & Ralph McDaniels f. The Notorious B.I.G. - "Flava in Ya Ear (March 9 Video Remix)" from Truelements Music on Vimeo.