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  • Notorious BIG Saved The LOX From Shooting Death

    B.I.G. Saved The LOX From Death, "We Were All About To Get Into That Same Car" [Video]

    The LOX's Sheek Louch recently reflected on his memories of the late Notorious B.I.G. and said the Bad Boy superstar prevented his crew from riding in the same vehicle where he was fatally shot 13 years ago.
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    According to Sheek, he recalls B.I.G. specifically telling the LOX not to ride with him after leaving a VIBE Magazine Los Angeles party in 1997.

    "I remember that whole sh*t, when we were at that [VIBE] party, came downstairs and sh*t and we were all about to get into that same car with B.I.G.," Sheek revealed in an interview with DJ Vlad. "B.I.G. said 'nah, I'm gonna go over here first and meet you at the [DJ] Clue party.' Clue had a party up the hill and told me, Kiss and Styles, 'don't get in this van.' I remember, he told us, 'don't get in the f*cking van. I guess I gotta go check something out.' After that, we had a little church van we were riding around with in L.A. -- boom, went up to the sh*t and seconds later, 'pop pop pop', all that sh*t took place. But I remember his exact words, 'don't get in here yet. I gotta go do something.' That's crazy." (Vlad TV)

    R&B singer Faith Evans recently admitted to doubting whether or not the mystery behind her ex-husband's murder would ever be solved.

    According to Faith, the family of B.I.G. has an idea of what happened to her husband, although she doubts it will ever be solved in the United States court system. "The family - we have an idea what happened. We don't know who pulled the trigger but we have an idea what went on," Faith Evans told UK newspaperThe Voice. "It's not something I would speak on because it's still a pending case, so that wouldn't be smart at all. But we have an idea, though we don't know if it will ever be solved in the judicial system." (The Voice)

    Earlier this year, B.I.G.'s protege Lil Cease spoke on the 13-year investigation of his friend's passing in Los Angeles.

    "I'm definitely upset about it," Lil' Cease said in an interview. "I think it's something [the police] should look into, especially when you see all these other things going on and you see how they pursue other cases. It just seems like when it came to Biggie, it was, 'Oh, another rapper, another hoodlum, another gangster is dead.' Same thing with 2Pac. These were two of the most influential figures in hip-hop, and you're not finding these people's murderers? Or not even making a real attempt to? It upsets you, 'cause they're treating them like nobodies but they had a big influence in the game and people look up to them. No matter what they rap about or what they'd been through, they were still human beings at the time." (MTV)

    In just a few short years, the Notorious B.I.G. went from a Brooklyn street hustler to the savior of East Coast hip-hop to a tragic victim of the culture of violence he depicted so realistically on his records. His all-too-brief odyssey almost immediately took on mythic proportions, especially since his murder followed the shooting of rival Tupac Shakur by only six months. In death, the man also known as Biggie Smalls became a symbol of the senseless violence that plagued inner-city America in the waning years of the 20th century. (All Music)

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