• Notorious B.I.G. sampled on "Let's Talk" By Omarion & Rick Ross

    R&B singer Omarion seems to be making the most of his recent signing to Maybach Music Group with Rick Ross who are both feeling nostalgic on their new single from the soon to be released "Self Made, Vol. 2" album. Absorbing lyrics and vocals from Salt-N-Pepa and the late great Notorious B.I.G. Omarion utilizes the late great B.I.G.'s classic "Big Poppa" Libretto's for the hook which goes as followed:

    "Ask you what your interests, who you be with - B.I.G.
    To Convince you, I'm the one that you should leave with
    Things to make you smile, what, what numbers to dial - B.I.G.
    Girl, I got a thing for you, but it ain't no secret
    If this conversation leads us, to the bed room we gon' make love
    Cause girl I want to please you
    (girl I want to please you)
    And girl I really need you, So...
    Let's talk you & me (Boss)
    Let's talk about tonight baby
    Let's talk about all the good things that could happen if you leave with me
    Baby, You can say I'm hatin' if you want to girl,
    but he can't do your body like a playa' do girl
    Attractin' with that line, what's your name, what's your sign? - B.I.G.
    "Soon as he buy that wine, I just creep up from behind" - B.I.G. & Omarion
    Let's Talk"

    Even though B.I.G.'s presence is not visually seen in this video itself, his vocal existence invokes a very powerful attendance on the track alone. This is Omarion's first video since joining MMG which you can check out below:

    Making of "Let's Talk":