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  • Michael Jackson remembered through B.I.G.'s eyes

    On this day we remember the legend and icon, Michael Jackson who left this earth on June 25, 2009. Just Like Biggie, Michael’s death was so shocking, that the world stood still literary. Michael’s death opened up old wounds when you would think about how Biggie’s death affected us. The shockwave of their deaths will live in the minds and hearts of the global community. So today after being submerged with so much MJ bulletins (which is deserving none the least), we had to share so memorable moments and also show the MJ and B.I.G. connection that will always be forever dormant in their art and in the rich history of these two great contributors to human civilization.

    The was an issue of Vibe Magazine featuring a special on the late great B.I.G. years ago , with B.I.G.’s best friend Damion Butlers quoting with the following:

    I remember one time we were going to the Billboard Awards or something and we were gonna meet Michael Jackson. On the ride over Big kept sayin’, 'What can I do to Michael Jackson that’s not “bad”, but will make him remember me?' So we got to the meeting and Mike stuck out his hand. Big grabbed his hand, pulled him into a close hug and then flung him back out, like Wassup? He roughed Mike up with a real, old-fashioned, ghetto love hug. Mike was fucked up by that one.

    in 1995, Biggie was included in Michael Jackson’s song “This Time Around”, which can be found on Michael Jackson’s HIStory album. This was not the only Michael Jackson song in which Wallace featured in. In 2001, Jackson included a rap verse sung by Wallace in his song “Unbreakable”, which is found on Michael Jackson’s “Invincible” album.

    Below is a quote from the producer who was there to witness this legendary meeting of these two great artists during the recording session of “This Time Around”:

    By the way, to elaborate a bit on the Notorious B.I.G. session, it was kinda like this. Michael used to call people to ask them to participate on albums. It was interesting knowing that nearly anyone on the planet would come to the phone if it were Michael calling. Anyway, I heard rumors that B.I.G. was going to come, and I was excited about that! I knew that I would be the one to record that, as I had recorded nearly all of that tune, "This Time Around".

    So, Dallas and I were expecting him any minute, and pretty much on time, Notorious strolls in. He was quite an imposing figure when he walked in, as he was quite popular at the time. I had no idea what to expect from him in terms of attitude, but he seemed nice when he walked in. No problem. But almost immediately, he blurted out, "Yo, Dallas, can I meet Mike?" To which, Dallas replied that he thought so. Biggie went on to talk about how much this opportunity meant to him, as Michael was his hero. Anyway, Dallas tells him that we're going to lay down the rap first, so Biggie heads in the booth, we get some headphone levels and get ready to start recording.

    So, we hit the big red button (on a Sony 3348 machine), and away we go. During his first take, Dallas and I looked at each other, because it was spot on. wow. I was impressed, and so was Dallas. We listened back, and Dallas was like, "Wow, I think we got it". As I recall, we took another take for good measure, but I'm fairly certain that we ended up using the first take. So, Notorious comes in, and asks if he can meet Michael now. We sent word to the back room where Michael was working that Biggie was finished and wanted to meet him.

    Simply for security, Michael's security would enter and make sure that no one was in the room that shouldn't be, and once that was confirmed (it was just me, Biggie and Dallas), Michael came in. Biggie nearly broke out in tears...I could tell how much this meant to him. Well, Michael could have this effect on anyone, even the most hardcore rappers! Biggie was tripping up on his words, bowing down and telling Michael how much his music had meant to him in his life. Michael was, as always, very humble and kept smiling while Biggie just went on and on how much he loved Michael. I watched Biggie just become this big butterball of a man, and it was really very sweet to witness. After all, we are all just people.

    Michael finally asked to hear what we had done, and we popped it up on the big speakers and let her go. Michael LOVED it and was excited to tell Biggie that! "Oh, let's hear it again", I recall Michael saying, and we listened again. Michael just loved it...and thanked Biggie for coming all the way from Philadelphia. Biggie asked rather sheepishly whether he could get a photo, and Michael agreed. A shot was taken, we listened again, and Michael thanked Biggie. Michael said goodbye and stepped out, leaving Biggie standing there looking completely stunned.

    Listen to this classic collaboration "This Time Around":

    In 1995, Michael Jackson was nominated for a grand total of eleven categories at the Mtv VMA’s (Video Music Awards). The Notorious B.I.G. was there to present the only live recorded award to Michael Jackson and his sister Janet Jackson for the video "Scream" under the category for "Best Dance Video". This epic moment aired live on September 7th, 1995. Michael and Biggie interacted as if they already distinguished each other. It was a colossal moment in both of these great men’s existence.

    You can watch the video below:

    We miss, both you, Christopher Wallace and Michael Jackson.
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