• B.I.G. Tube video library archive finally added!

    Almost similar to the YouTube community but this is feature is local. As in the past, we had a separate section for the site called the “B.I.G. TV.” section but unfortunately this section did not allow us to merge existing user accounts to this feature. We needed to merge all our multimedia files into one easy to access section for the fans and we finally have now implemented this.

    Only registered users can view these video, photos and audio files. It also adds a much more synchronized environment for the community. Elite members’ can also upload files as well (pending approval). To access this section just clikc on the "BIG TUBE" link on th top of this page of just click here, peace
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      Nice! Lots of good rare videos.
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      Nice! Lots of good rare videos.
      Definitely, these videos could not be hosted on Youtube because they kept cancelling our account. So now we hosting our own files for the fans. There will be updates with new videos through out the day, especially a never before seen interview by Notorious BIG.