• Rare Unseen 17 old interview of the late great Notorious BIG

    Thanks to the B.I.G. Tube, we can now feel safe to upload a very vintage and rare unseen 17 year old interview of the late great Notorious BIG to our YouTube account. This footage is coming off and old VHS tape and we hope the footage is decent enough (even though the audio has some static).

    In this interview, BIG speaks about drug dealing, when he started rapping, his deal with with his label, his wife Faith (at the time) and being a role model. It's remarkable how the years have passed by since this interview and how BIG changed the landscape of the industry.

    It goes to show how we witness how the evolution of B.I.G.'s progress throughout the years cultivated such a strong following even after his demise. Christopher really did make a BIG impact in the music industry and in-spite of his death we continue to appreciate the genius of his work and his organic essence on everything he put his hands on.

    Thanks to the help of VHS to Digital conversion, NotoriousOnline once again presents to you the fans, something authentic from the greatest to have ever done it!