• DJ Quik went into hiding after B.I.G.'s murder

    From 1995 to 2001, veteran Los Angeles hip-hop artist General Jeff (of Rodney O & Joe Cooley fame) served as an assistant and advisor to DJ Quik, handling such things as driving, security and other behind-the-scenes duties. During that period, Quik and Jeff went into hiding after learning that the LAPD believed Quik was involved in the shooting of The Notorious B.I.G.

    In an interview with HipHopDX, DJ Quik opened up about the incident. But now we have an inside account from the person who drove him around while he was hiding. Currently working as a Skid Row activist, General Jeff took the time to give us more details about the incident.

    Tell us what you remember from that night Biggie was murdered?
    Earlier that night we were all at the Ambassador Hotel for Suga Free’s “If You Stay Ready” video shoot and decided to go to the Vibe party. We had to park on Fairfax because we arrived very late and the valet wouldn’t even park our car. It was taking really long to get in.

    A moment later I saw people running frantically from the Wilshire and Fairfax area, including Quik, who told us there had been a shooting. We all left as quickly as possible.

    The next morning we heard reports that Biggie got shot and we woke Quik up to tell him the news. As soon as he heard, he came running down the stairs. We listened to reports and decided to go on alert because we didn’t know if it was open season on rappers.

    Then we got a call from Quik’s manager warning us not to visit any places like his accountant’s office and other places because the LAPD was looking to take him in to custody. I later learned that it was because of his affiliation with Death Row Records and because radio stations were reporting that Quik was spotted running from the scene.

    And so you guys decided to go in to hiding?
    We went underground until his lawyers could work it out, but it was also for safety reasons. As I pulled off the freeway to get gas, a car followed us and pulled up to the side that Quik was on. Just as I was about to go on the defensive, I found out that they were just fans wanting autographs.

    After a few days I started to get low on cash and to make matters worse, Quik’s mother kept calling and requesting to see him. Even though we weren’t supposed to, I took him to see his mom for a secret meeting and our cover almost got blown when other family members spotted him in his car. We left and remained in hiding until we got word that he was only wanted for questioning, so we all went in and gave our statements and ultimately got cleared of any suspicion.