• DJ Clark Kent tells incredible Notorious BIG and Jay Z story

    Hot 97 morning show members Pete Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds have a side project called the Juan Epstein podcast and it is a must listen for hip hop fans. On a recent episode they had the legendary DJ Clark Kent who shared some interesting stories.

    The conversation started with Kent talking about his early career and how he got started working for record labels and making remixes. Then the conversation gets to how DJ Clark Kent used to remix all the label’s tracks and how he used to add Jay Z to a bunch of tracks.

    Which led to them inquiring about the relationship between Kent and Jay Z, and why he was pushing him. DJ Clark Kent said it was because they were friends, and he clearly believed in Jay Z’s talent and talked about trying to get Jay Z signed to his record label.

    Of course DJ Clark Kent worked with Notorious B.I.G., who most consider to be one of the best rappers of all time, if not the best. Apparently Kent had no intentions of handing that title over to Notorious B.I.G., telling Biggie to his face that Jay Z was the illest. Notorious B.I.G. was somewhat offended and took it as a challenge and went even harder on the second verse of “Who Shot Ya” to convince DJ Clark Kent he is the best.

    There is also some details about Junior MAFIA being upset with DJ Clark Kent because he wouldn’t back down about Jay Z being the best. DJ Clark Kent tried to explain to Biggie that he is the best rapper, while Jay Z is the best MC and discusses the difference between the two. There is also some talk about Nas and early record label signings.

    Watch the video clip below: