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  • Jay Z Associate Calvin Bacote Says He Predicted Notorious B.I.G.'s Death

    Calvin “Klein” Bacote, a former stick-up kid and friend to Jay Z, spoke on the death of The late great Notorious B.I.G. in a newly-released interview with Vlad TV. Bacote revealed that while he was incarcerated he predicted the death of the Brooklyn, New York rapper.

    According to Bacote, his bleak premonition was intensified following the death of Tupac Shakur and Big’s decision to release “Going Back To Cali” and also visit the West Coast. He also applauded the late rapper for being “a lot realer with his rhymes” than artists both past and present.

    When I was away I saw Big—When I first saw Big’s video I was impressed in how I saw some truth in a lot of what he was saying,” Calvin Bacote said. “He was a lot realer with his rhymes than a lot of other guys that rhyme even still today…It was extremely painful when Pac died, but surprisingly to most, I kinda predicted Big’s passing. Especially after him doing the ‘Going Back To Cali.’ Him actually going back to Cali would never have been a move that I would have particularly made. But whatever his reasons were to go back, those were the reasons. And that’s the disappointing part though because it was still kinda fresh in everybody’s hearts. Even on the East Coast it was fresh in everybody’s hearts. And then to go over there to even just make your presence felt it wasn’t too much of a strategy move.

    Prior to speaking on the death of Biggie, Bacote recalled going back and forth with record producer Lance “Un” Rivera. He revealed that at the time he was a big supporter of Jay Z while Rivera worked closely with Biggie.

    I lived on Big block when I came home in ’89,” he said. “After I got acquitted for the murder I moved on Fulton and St. James. So, I saw him pretty much every day for about like maybe a year, year and a half…I have another regret too is that me and Un used to go back and forth because I used to always represent Jay real hard. I would have a lot of basement tapes with Jay and Big Daddy Kane. Jay and Jaz-O. I was one of the guys who always had one of them hard systems that’ll come through knockin’. Killin’ the block. And I’d be rocking some joints from Jay and them…I kinda regret the moment that when me and Un was going back and forth on who was the best that I didn’t bring Jay around for them to actually battle

    Calvin Bacote’s interview with Vlad TV can be found below:
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