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  • Cease recalls the Notorious BIG Car accident in '96

    Lil Cease speaks on car accident involving Biggie, says they received a faulty loaner car from the dealership. When asked about the car accident, which led to The Notorious B.I.G. injuring his leg, Lil Cease detailed the occurrences that led up to the accident, during a newly-released interview with Vlad TV. According to Cease, the day before the accident they were arrested and upon being released, their Lexus truck wouldn’t start.

    He then revealed that the car they received from the Lexus dealership as a loaner had faulty brakes. Cease says he expressed his uncertainty with the car with Big, but was told to “just drive.”

    “I never told people this, but the day before that we got arrested,” Lil Cease said. “The day before that, downtown Brooklyn…We was out in an hour or two. [It] was nothing but a blunt. But when they gave us back our Lexus truck, the truck wouldn’t start. And we wind up having to get up the next morning and get a loaner car from the Lexus dealer. And they gave us this Lumina van. And I was like ‘Yo, what the fuck? Where the Lexus at?’ And Big was like ‘Nah, fuck that. We gon’ take this car and ride low-key for a while. Til they fix the truck.’ And it was like the brakes were fucked up on the truck. Before we even got out the dealership, I ran into the dealer that got us the car. And I was like ‘Yo Big, I don’t wanna drive this shit.’ He was like ‘Fuck it. Just drive.’”

    Lil Cease later detailed the moment the accident, which happened while the two were on the highway, took place.

    “I was getting on the turnpike going North,” he said. “And we was turning around the corner. The shit just sped out of control and we crossed the other side of the road and hit the rail. And that’s how he fucked up his leg. And that’s how I fucked up my jaw. That’s why I wound up getting these fronts. Cause of that shit."

    On “Long Kiss Goodnight,” Biggie famously rapped about the accident. On the RZA-produced record, Biggie raps, “Ya still tickle me, I used to be as strong as Ripple be / Til Lil' Cease crippled me.”

    In regards to the lyrics, Lil Cease says he laughed when he first heard the song. He then revealed that the accident was “a reality check” for Biggie, who he says was able to reflect and work on his Life After Death album due to the amount of time he spent in the hospital.

    “I just had to laugh at it…You go through some real experiences with him, that’s gonna happen…That was like a reality check for him,” Cease said. “He got a chance to sit up in that hospital for a while. And reflect and think. But it was real. He was in the hospital for about three months and had to do like six months of therapy.”

    Watch the video below:

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