• COOGI Releasing New Fall Line Inspired by Notorious BIG

    True Notorious B.I.G. fans, or anyone who has listened to late rapper's single "One More Chance," can recite his lyrics that identified his clothing brand of choice. "I stay Coogi down to the sock," he rapped in a popular line from the single, showing support to the popular '90s brand, COOGI, which is making a comeback in 2015. The clothing line is now paying homage to the late rapper with a B.I.G inspired Fall line.

    The Huffington Post reported in 2014 that the brand known for its colorful sweaters in the late 1990s was making a comeback. COOGI played an essenial in the hip-hop community, largely due to rappers like The Notorious B.I.G. (Christopher Wallace) who wore the brand and verbally endorsed them in music.

    Now, according to Rolling Out, COOGi is readying the introduction of their fall line at their flagship store; at Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta on Thursday Oct. 22. According to the site, the fashion brand is teaming up with PURE, an Atlanta "preferred men's boutique," and One Grand Gallery to produce an unveiling event appropriately titled, Ready to Die. The event will feature music from the late rap legend, a showcasing of exclusive pieces in his honor and a special presentation from actor Jamal Woolard, who played Wallace in the 2009 biopic, Notorious.

    "It's an honor for PURE to bring this to Atlanta," stated owner Liz Korn according to Rolling Out. "We are longtime supporters of the authentic hip-hop community; past and present."

    According to Huffington Post, it was in the early 2000s when the fashion brand lost its large following "after licensing its name to various discount manufacturers that didn't uphold the quality of the product." The brand originated in Australia in 1969 and Creative Director Willie Esco is aiming to reestablish what people loved so much about it in the '90s.

    "My vision is to get it back to competitive with Gucci and Missoni," Esco told the NY Times in an inteview. Esco is looking to gain the customer base of fashion insiders, hipsters and hip hop heads with the launch of the Fall line.


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