• Jadakiss dismisses threat after B.I.G. tribute

    Four men were busted for waving a gun at Jadakiss on a Manhattan street yesterday - but the raspy-throated rapper says the suspects were simply fans who got carried away. The incident happened at 3:15 a.m., after Jadakiss performed a tribute to slain hip-hop star Notorious B.I.G. at the Roxy in Chelsea, police said.

    "I was walking to my car with my entourage and some guys that were in the party were so hyper - they were screaming out and making a scene," Jadakiss told the Daily News. The four fans got in a souped-up black Chevy truck and drove alongside Jadakiss, shouting out support for him in his burgeoning feud with 50 Cent, he said. "They were saying, 'Kiss, we got you!'" he said. "They was riding down the block shouting 'Screw 50!'"

    Then one of the passengers pulled out a loaded gun - as a sign of support not as a threat, the rapper insisted. "They didn't point it at me," he said. "They showed their gun from inside the car." It was a foolish move.

    In the wake of the Feb. 28 shootout between 50 Cent and The Game's posses outside Hot 97, the NYPD has stepped up patrols at rap hot spots. And cops were out in force around the Roxy, where Hot 97 was co-hosting the tribute show. A rookie officer spotted Jadakiss walking up 10th Ave., with the rapper's buddies videotaping his every move. Then he saw the truck's front-seat passenger, Luis Roldan, 25, flash a silver .40-caliber pistol out the window, police said.

    "This one's for you!" he heard the gunman shout and thought bullets were about to fly. Running down the street, the cop started shouting, "Stop the car! Stop the vehicle!" Police sources said the driver of the Chevy tried to flee but was foiled when he rear-ended a patrol car responding to the fracas.

    The four men inside - three of whom have criminal records - were arrested on gun charges. The gun, which had eight live rounds in the clip and one in the chamber, was under a seat. "We can't get into interpretations about how fans show their 'love.' The cops made the arrest because a gun was pointed at someone," a police source said.

    The incident came just a day after 50 Cent and The Game declared a truce in their feud, but 50's battle with Jadakiss is still going strong. Stung by insults on 50's new single "Piggy Bank," Jadakiss has released his own dis track. "Your raps are preschool, you made a lot of money now be cool, before I swell up your lips like seafood," he raps.