• Comedian Craig Robinson Freestyle Raps Notorious B.I.G.

    Craig Robinson is having a busy summer. He’s a guest star on the TV hit Mr. Robot, voices a grocery item in Sausage Party, and headlines the indie coming-of-age comedy Morris From America. The Chicago native still found time to sit down for a Facebook Live chat with Yahoo Movies on Wednesday in West Hollywood, where he was promoting Morris shortly before heading to the world premiere of Sausage.

    In Morris, Robinson (The Office, This Is the End) plays Curtis Gentry, the hip-hop-loving former soccer pro and single father of the titular 13-year-old (Markees Christmas). Curtis has relocated his clan from New York to the much quieter (and much whiter) town of Heidelberg, Germany, where Curtis has taken a coaching job and Morris struggles to fit in.

    Among the highlights from the interview, which you can watch above:

    —Robinson gave us a taste of one of Morris’s buzziest scenes, when he can be heard on an old audiocassette rapping the Notorious B.I.G. classic “Juicy” nearly in its entirety. He also names his top 5 favorite emcees.

    —When asked by a Facebook commenter if there’s going to be a Hot Tub Time Machine 3, Robinson acknowledged the 2015 sequel to the 2010 original didn’t do nearly enough business at the box office to warrant another go (it only earned $12 million domestically). But he added that Part 2’s screenwriter Josh Heald has an “amazing” idea to round out the trilogy. “Maybe we’ll Kickstart it,” said Robinson.

    —The actor was excited about voicing Mr. Grits in the raunchy, R-rated animated comedy Sausage Party, but talked about how his role evolved along the way: He originally was originally offered a character named “Uncle Tom’s Rice,” but he was hesitant about taking it. “Thank God Grits came along,” he expressed.

    Morris From America is available now on DirectTV and will be in theaters Aug. 19. Watch the trailer: