• Happy 45th Birthday to the Notorious BIG!

    Today marks what would have been the 45th birthday of The Notorious B.I.G.

    Most recently, an aspect of his legacy in the form of a now iconic mural in his home of Brooklyn has faced the possibility of destruction.

    Regardless, his memory has proved supreme.

    Naturally, the tributes have flown through incessantly, and with good reason.

    Among those paying their respects are P. Diddy, responsible for discovering and first signing Biggie to his Bad Boy Records roster, catapulting them both into super stardom.

    His latest was a photo posted on Instagram a short time ago which showed a younger Diddy, Biggie, and Lil Cease at work in a studio at the time.

    "Never seen before flick," he wrote. "#happybirthdayBIG 45th BIRTHDAY! They'll never be another @weworking."
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