• WATCH: Notorious BIG's Body returned for Funeral (News Clip 3/12/97)

    Here is another vintage news clip recorded during that turbulent time for the music industry back in '97. The late great Notorious B.I.G.'s Body was returned for Funeral preparations after a full autopsy was performed. His body was held in California until the family could sign and authorize the release so that they can have the body flown back to his home town in New York. We can not believe that it has been that long since the night BIG was flown back home after being assassinated.

    The Rev Al Sharpton held a pre-memorial service in memory of the late Notorious BIG at his National Action Network headquarters in New York. The summit offered a positive and enlightening atmosphere that enphasized the power of the hip hop community. This news clip was taped on March 12th, 1997 which is exactly 21 years ago on this day. This off a VHS Rip that we recorded off NBC News at 10.

    You can watch the video below: