• Watch: Notorious BIG "Life After Death" 3/25/97 album release (21 years ago!) news clip!

    In memory of March 25th, which is the 22 year anniversary of Notorious B.I.G.'s album "Life after Death...(Til Death Do Us Part)", we uploaded vintage news footage taken literally 22 years ago. Biggie was quoting as saying "The earth shall rumble!" during his promotion of this album. BIG was very proud of the work he crafted on this classic. This news clip was recorded off UPN news on channel 9 in New York.

    In this clip The Lox are featured in the segment speaking about the impact of BIG's legacy. There is also footage of The Lox recording the tribute track "We Will Always Love Big Poppa". Dr. Dre from Hot 97 at the time a DJ, is also featured in the clip speaking about BIG's legacy and his protege's Lil Kim And Lil Cease .

    Notorious BIG album "Life after Death...Til Death Do Us Part" has held the title of the first Hip Hop double album to go diamond (selling over 10 millions copies) and is Biggie's best selling album to date as of 2018.

    (The footage looks pixelated due to video source where it was saved on. A better version will be uploaded once the original VHS source has been located.)

    Watch the footage below: