• Wyclef Jean Shares Memories Of Touring With The Notorious B.I.G.

    This year we’re setting up shop on the newly-renamed Christopher Wallace Way in Bedstuy, and we’ll be honoring Biggie’s legacy with many activations, a fashion show and few live performances that you won’t want to miss. Last weekend while rolling through Outside Lands Festival for Wyclef Jean’s set at House by Heineken, we got a chance to ask the Fugees legend about any memories he might have of the notorious ’90s rap icon.

    Take a look below at the Biggie memory that Wyclef Jean shared exclusively with The Source:

    “I have so many Biggie memories. When he was ‘big,’ the Fugees were down ‘here’ — Editor’s Note: Wyclef speaks with his hands to show the tier level of success between the two now-iconic ’90s music acts — and we opened up for Biggie like three or four times. I remember coming from Jersey and going to Long Island where he was playing. We get there, and I remember Biggie coming to the dressing room because — ok, there was a myth about the Fugees: don’t play with the Fugees because, if they go before you, nine times out of 10 we’ll murder it [Laughs]! What I would always do with the performer that I’m playing before is do 20 seconds of their songs.
    So yeah, we did a show with Biggie and Puff [Daddy], and I remember — Puffy knows this story, too! [Laughs] — they were amazed because they has never saw anything like that. Biggie comes in the dressing room and was like — Editor’s Note: it’s here where Wyclef uses in-person gestures yet again to describe the moment, hilariously mimicking BIG’s signature lisp — ‘Man, you motherfuckers go out there and y’all be bangin’ them symbols and shit! This shit is just not fair [Laughs]! Y’all motherfuckers are geniuses – I wish I could play the instruments!’

    [The Notorious B.I.G.] has always possessed a cuddly, teddy bear-like personality. He was very funny up the gazoo, and most importantly very real. I always say him and Pac got caught up in the ring and became casualties of war. They were like GoodFellas.”

    — Wyclef Jean