• Shyheim on His Epic 1995 MSG Freestyle with Biggie

    In this clip, Shyheim speaks about Big Daddy Kane becoming his mentor when he was around 11, and going to the pioneer rapper's house to rap. This led to Shyheim going on tour with Big Daddy Kane when he was around 14, and getting to do a now-legendary freestyle at Madison Square Garden alongside Kane, Biggie, Tupac, and Big Scoob. He also addressed the adult themes on his debut album, AKA The Rugged Child, when he was just 13.

    Shyheim explained that he was reporting on the things around him in his neighborhood, including murders and young girls being in the streets. To hear more, including being featured on Big Daddy Kane's "On and On" alongside Jay Z, ODB, and Sauce Money, hit the below clip.

    Source: VladTV