• Snoop Dogg Dissing The Notorious B.I.G. Goes Viral

    A song from Snoop Dogg dissing the Notorious B.I.G. released back in 2009, has the internet going crazy. Hip Hop journalist The Art of Dialogue via his official Instagram account questions why no interviewer has ever asked Snoop about dissing Biggie Smalls.

    Sure, the song is over twenty plus years old, and this is no attempt to stir up old wounds, but The Art of Dialogue and many others have a legitimate argument.“You can clearly hear him taking a shot at #BiggieSmalls. I find it weird that none of these interviewers never ask #SnoopDogg about these songs of him dissing #BiggieSmalls. Instead of letting him go on these platforms and lie, rewrite history and lie on a dead man,” says The Art of Dialogue on his IG post.

    Snoop Dogg till this day in 2020 is still trying to convince everyone that he and Biggie was “tight”. On numerous interview’s throughout the years, Snoop has always defended his actions that lead to the fallout between him and Tupac Shakur.

    In 2019, appearing on the Untold Stories of Hip Hop with host Angie Martinez, Snoop when on to detail the events leading up to Tupac becoming extremely upset with the Dogg father. As Death Row records was in attendance for the 1996 MTV Video music awards, the very next day Snoop Dogg appeared on Hot 97. Interviewed by Angie Martinez, she would ask Snoop how he felt about Biggie and Puffy.

    Snoop’s reply of “I’m cool with them”, did not sit well with Tupac Shakur. See for Tupac, there was no grey area. You were either with him or against him, something that has been echoed by those close to Shakur.

    In the mist of all that was happening, and on New York’s number one radio station, Snoop Dogg does realize now how much of a mistake that was.

    But, this is where it becomes sketchy. To his defense Snoop explained that Biggie, Puffy, and himself have always been friends. That may have been the case before Tupac arrived on Death Row records.

    Since then a lot had happened. How could one forget the time Biggie Smalls went on Hot 97 and mistakenly said live on air that Tupac was in Red Hook Brooklyn shooting a music video. Moments later a trailer was shot up, only to find out it was Snoop Dogg and Tha Dogg Pound in the trailer, not Tupac Shakur.

    Regardless of it all, if indeed Snoop had a close connection with Puffy and the Notorious B.I.G., then why not have that same energy from the start.

    Instead Snoop went on to take shots at Biggie Smalls, such as on the song ‘Keep It Real Dogg’. The song was released on Death Row: The Lost Sessions Vol. 1, and can be heard on the official Snoop Dogg TV YouTube channel.

    “Snoop is back, back like Return of The Jedi / N***a don’t say shit, cause I Already said I, be on the red-eye / Ya fat, ya black, ya wack, yo’ style is tore up / Plus he got one dead eye,” Snoop dissing Biggie Smalls.