• Celebrate The Late Great Notorious B.I.G. 48th Birthday With Five Mega Mixes

    March 9th, 1997 is the date that we lost one of the most prolific MC's to ever rock a rhyme. With that horrific day cemented in the lexicon of hip-hop history, some of his close friends and family will not promote those 24 hours as "Biggie Day" and opt to use his birthday, May 21st, as the legend's true celebratory time. In the 23 years since his passing, we've seen so many musical odes to the man we call Frank White, Biggie Smalls or just plain ole BIG. In recent times, a few DJs and music curators have pushed playlists, mixes and all out musical tributes.

    Taking a few of these projects into account, we are highlighting some of the ones that have caught our attention, as showing the King of New York in his best light as a musical legend gone way before his time. Check out the offerings presented and let us know on our social media platforms if you know of some dope mixes or music lists that should be added to this group. Love live B.I.G.!

    PERIOD Presents The Live Mixtape: Notorious Edition [B.I.G. Tribute]. Recorded LIVE on April 13, 2020.:

    DJ Tiger & Full Blast Radio present: The Notorious James Brown, Vol. 2. The mashup project featuring the late great Notorious B.I.G. with soul icon James Brown.

    DJ Mister Cee: The Best Of Biggie (1995)

    Nas Kingston: Notorious BIG - The Big Tape Vol. 02 (Instrumentals)

    DJ Finesse: B.I.G. over DJ Premier (Beats)

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      Hal Incandenza -
      J. Period's mixtape is FIRE!