• Tyson Fury singing and rapping along to Notorious B.I.G’s ‘Juicy’ at his 32nd birthday party

    The WBC titleholder said the N-word while rapping to Notorious B.I.G's track called "Juicy" during his 32nd birthday celebrations. During an 11-minute video uploaded his Instagram, the Gypsy King is filmed entering the kitchen where his family await to shower him with gifts. But after opening his presents, Fury can be seen holding his youngest child Prince Adonis Amaziah just 18-months old, when he begins to sing along. A line of the lyrics that he sings is "And if you don't know, now you know, n****."

    According to the Daily Mail, his young children also unknowingly repeated the slur while singing along. With his wife Paris filming the celebrations, Fury added to the camera: "You've got to teach these kids the taste of real music. Biggie and 2Pac all the way."

    Included in the celebration was the couple's other four children Venezuela, 10, Prince John James, eight, Prince Tyson II, three, and Valencia Amber, two. The entire video was uploaded to Fury's Instagram that boasts 3.8million followers. It was captioned: "Birthday boy, Birthday morning with the family."Got to love it. 2020"

    However those who heard the derogatory term took to social media to vent their anger at Fury's behavior. One wrote: "Why does Tyson Fury think it's okay to say the n-word singing a song or not?" Another added: "Tyson Fury saying the N word on his IG, let's see if the British people cancel him like they did AJ for his Black Business comment."

    A third said: "Tyson fury will apologise for using the N word then say it was used in a song and he didn’t mean to offend whilst mentioning as a gypsy he knows how it feels. Book it." The comment comes on the back of worldwide Black Lives Matter protests in which major sports stars have continued to take a stand for racial equality.


    Source: TheSun.Co.Uk