• BIG's Daughter Shows Uncanny Resemblance to Her Dad Posing for Selfie in a Blue Hat

    The daughter of late rapper Notorious B.I.G. showed just how much she looks like him in recent pictures shared on her Instagram story.T'yanna Wallace, the daughter of the late rapper Notorious B.I.G., recently reminded her dad's fans of the late legend in an Instagram story post by showing her uncanny resemblance to him. Wallace posted a video and wrote: "The music matches my mood."

    27-year-old Wallace posed for a cute selfie in front of a mirror with her phone close to her face. She sported a very chic large-sized white T-shirt with dark-colored graphics printed on the front. Wallace accessorized with very eye-catching jewelry, a large gold necklace and watch, and topped off the look with a cool blue hat.

    She wore her hair in long dark locks that fell past her shoulders and fanned out in front of her T-shirt. The striking resemblance between her and her late iconic dad was undeniable.Although Wallace's likeness to her father could be a wonderful thing, the young beauty once revealed that she struggled with the constant association of her identity with her father's legacy.

    The rapper's daughter is a self-made entrepreneur who achieved quite a lot for herself. She launched her fashion brand, Notoriouss, in 2013, and established the humble beginnings of a great empire. However, despite her accomplishments, the 27-year-old businesswoman still struggled with being seen as B.I.G's daughter before anything else.

    Wallace said that she was sick and tired of being identified that way only, stating that "Biggie's daughter" was not her name and she wanted to be referred to by her name.

    In 2018, when Wallace turned 25, the ambitious goal-getter took to Instagram to announce that her goal that year was to make $25 billion. Although she did not share if she achieved that goal, it was clear to see that Wallace was conquering many fronts in her.
    Although it might have proved difficult to build a personal legacy while upholding her father's, Wallace proved she, indeed, was a capable person.