• Allen Iverson shares what happened when he smoked hash with Biggie Smalls

    Former NBA player and a true legend of the game*Allen Iverson*recently had an exciting interview for The Players Tribune. He and Al*Harrington*talked about their new cannabis business venture. They both shared why they got involved with this industry that is slowly but surely becoming quite lucrative and might be one of the biggest in the US in the next few years. Their passion for their new business venture obviously comes from consuming various cannabis-related products. In the interview, Iverson shared a pretty wild story when he got high with none other than a deceased hip hop legend Biggie Smalls.

    Iverson opened up about a bad experience of smoking hash with Biggie Smalls when he met him at his studio when he was drafted to the NBA in 1996. At the time, Biggie Smalls was one of the most popular hip hop artists globally, and it was a common theme, especially back then, for NBA players to hang out with various hip hop legends because there was a natural connection between those two industries. That night Iverson had the opportunity to try some hash, and according to him, it was one of the worst experiences of his life.

    Man, this is a true story. I was with Biggie Smalls and Lil Cease in the studio. And Iím just smoking with him. I just remember going to the bathroom, man. Remember the Janet Jackson shirt? That had the Janet Jackson, and it had the man. It was on a cover of a magazine. Man, Iím looking in the mirror, and the shirt was not her face, it was an alien face. But thatís how the shirt was made, but it was goin off of the cover of a magazine. Iím looking at the mirror, and Iím trippin. Like, Iím whippin the shirt off, you know. Like, Iím thinking that itís supposed to be her, but itís an alien cartoon character. So Iím tripping, and man, I couldnít feel my feet.

    Allen Iverson, via The Players Tribune

    Apparently, Iverson didnít know he was smoking hash, and when he came back to the studio, he was told what it was, so he panicked and immediately went back to his hotel room. Still to this day, 25 years after it happened, Iverson remembers this as one of the weirdest experiences he ever had. Honestly, you canít blame him because if he knew what he was using, maybe that wouldnít happen.

    So I went back in there, and Big or Cease, one of them was like you smoking again? And I was like yeah. He was like, so what do you want, the hash or the chronic? And I was like Hash? Oh my God, thatís why Iím tripping. And I had to be at the Rucker the next day. I went back to my hotel room. The room was spinning or whatever, and that was like the weirdest experience that I had.

    Allen Iverson, via The Players Tribune

    Iverson led a pretty exciting life, especially during his NBA career when he was often seen hanging out with various celebrities. Smoking with Biggie Smalls would be a dream come true for many people who were his avid fans, and Iverson did that even though it wasnít so pleasant because of the hash he smoked. However, itís an epic story we havenít had the opportunity to hear so far, and hopefully, weíll see Iverson and Harrington have success with their cannabis business in the future because itís a pretty hot industry at the moment.