• Notorious BIG Protégé Lil Kim Says Her Biopic Is ‘Absolutely’ Coming Later This Year

    Lil Kim doesn’t get enough credit for her influence on hip-hop. However, that may soon change, as the “All About the Benjamins” rapper says there “absolutely” will be a biopic on her coming later this year. While on the red carpet at the 2nd Annual Biggie Dinner Gala at Guastavino’s. Sponsored by Lexus and Pepsi, Kim talked about the project and her upcoming memoir, which she says will surprise people.

    “Oh my God,” she said, according to the New York Post. “Everyone’s gonna know things that they’ve never known.” As for casting someone to play the Queen Bee, she hasn’t made up her mind yet stating she doesn’t know who’s going to embody her.

    Really!? Considering how much she disliked Naturi Naughton’s casting in 2009’s Notorious, I find it hard to believe Kim doesn’t have a few names in mind. In a November 2019 interview on the Hollywood Unlocked podcast, the “Crush On You” rapper said her problems with Naughton stemmed from the two having nothing in common.

    “I was not OK with that…I would have never picked her. Never, ever, ever,” the Brooklyn native said. “She has nothing in common with me. Nothing. We have nothing in common. And I don’t like the way she’s been disrespectful about it because I wasn’t even basically blaming her. But she did a whole documentary coming at me. I’m like, ‘What the heck is this?’”

    Kim is referring to an April 2019 episode of TV One’s Uncensored where Naughton addressed Kim’s comments.

    “I would never take on a role of a real person that is alive and well and not try to speak with them and reach out,” she said.

    “To this day, I have nothing but love and respect for Lil Kim,” Naughton continued. “She really is what spawned the careers of Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. They just took from that book and did it now. No disrespect to any of these artists. But please give her her just due. So for me, I have nothing but love and respect. And I hope that she knows I was honored to play her. And I hope one day she can see that and really know that.”

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    1. NotoriousBiggieSmalls's Avatar
      Kim's memoir some how some way got pushed back to 2024 and we're supposed to believe her biopic is coming later this year. Sure Kim.