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    A Los Angeles judge today ordered two filmmaking companies to arbitrate their dispute with the director of the estate of Biggie Smalls concerning access to film footage for a biopic of the late rapper. Superior Court Judge Alan S. Rosenfield additionally ...
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    Los Angeles (CNN) -- A task force made up of local and federal law enforcement agencies is actively pursuing leads into the 1997 slaying of hip hop artist Christopher Wallace, better known as Biggie Smalls or Notorious B.I.G., according to two sources familiar with the investigation.

    According to one law enforcement source, ...

    WB11 B.I.G. Mistrial News Clip:
    This clip was captured on July, 7th 2005 from the WB11 morning news show. They confirmed that indeed the B.I.G. trial against the City of Los Angeles was declared a mistrial due in part to detectives onthe LAPD withholding evidence...

    NY1 B.I.G. News Clip:
    This clip is from the news channel NY1 a few month's ago in 99'. It talks about Suge Knight taking part in Biggie's murder.

    Biggie UPN News Clip:
    This clip is from the UPN9 news at 10 the same day Biggie's classic album "Life After Death" was released! It features exclusive interviews by the group The Lox and also another interview by Dr.Dre & Ed Lover....check it out

    BiG Gala News Clip:
    Here's The clip I taped from UPN about the BiG gala called "B.I.G. Nite Out". A lot of big names were there including the owners of Fubu clothing, Faith Evans, Allen Iverson, and Volleta Wallace who herself has something to say about the killing of her son Christopher Wallace a.k.a. BiG.

    "Born Again" (News Clip):
    This clip was taken off the Fox News at 10 the same day "Born Again" was released debuting at #1. I got the album the same day it came out which if you don't have it yet, go get it! I knew there was going to be something about the album on the news so I was lucky to capture this clip.

    Biggie's Mom Is Honored:
    Three years since the death of her son, Voletta Wallace is honored by Vibe Magazine for her struggling' work since opening the "Christopher Wallace foundation". She's is honored with the "Vibe Women Of The year Award". Volleta is the first recipient of this award.

    Murder Case (News Clip):
    This clip was taken from the WB news at 10' the day after Biggie's "Born Again" album was released. This clip talks about Suge Knight and some other guy taking part in Biggie's murder. 

    Biggie Talks About Big Poppa: This clip is from Mtv from the show "Top Ten Video's featuring Puff Daddy". Biggie is interviewed and it also features P. Diddy & Method Man of the Wu-Tang Clan. 

    "Born Again" album release:
    This is from "Russell Simon's-One World Music Beat". Everyone came out to celebrate the release of BIG's album "Born Again," especially Lil' Kim, Lil Cease, Rza, Redman, Q-Tip, Donell Jones, Andre Harell & more. 

    Cease Talk's About BIG on AMA:
    This clip was taken from the show "America's Most Wanted". It's features Lil' cease talking about that faithful day he was driving in the same vehicle the night Biggie was murdered on March 9th, 1997.

    Will Smith Dedication: Will Smith won the Grammy award for rap single of the year in 98' and Jazzy Jeff and him dedicated the award in memory of both Tupac & The Notorious B.I.G.

    BiG (PD Promo) Clip:
    This clip was captured from the "Puff Daddy Promo P.E. 2000" Tape. It's talks about Biggie working on the "No Way Out" album and how he met up with Puff.

    Michael Duncan Clarke BiG Clip:
    This is from the show "Later" where actor Michael Duncan Clarke (Green Mile) talks about being Biggie's bodyguard and quitting security after Biggie was murdered in 97'.

    Bad Boy Family Live BiG Tribute:
    This is a live performance of "I'll be missing you" from the Arista Records Anniversary Celebration which features Puff Daddy, Faith Evan And 112 Saluting BiG. 

    B.I.G. look-a-like used in the ITunes Ad

    Diddy & Snoop BIG tribute @ the Vma's

    Biggie Presents award to Michael Jackson & Janet

    Jay-Z "Back Stage" BiG Dedication

    Cease defends BIG from Chuck Philips (L.A. Times)

    Biggie Smalls encounter At "Jacobs" the jeweler

    Shyne-Metro Interview (B.I.G. topic)

    Girl Wildin' out by BiG's "Hypnotize"

    Hip Hop Greatest moments (BiG salute)

    Kimora Simmons remember B.I.G..

    Notorious BIG VH1  Confidential Show (Clip)

    Nas-Got Yourself A Gun (video clip BiG)

    Shyne 106 & Park  Interview mentions B.I.G.

    B.I.G. Behind the music VH1 special clip 1

    B.I.G. Behind the music VH1 special Clip II

    Mtv Special w/ Method Man and Rza mention B.I.G.

    CWMF 2003 B.I.G. Night Gala Event in NYC

    B.I.G.'s "Hypnotize" Budjet

    Lil Kim: Source All Access Interview: B.I.G.

    B.I.G. Implemented Into Hardball Movie

    Latest Greatest B-Ball Request B.I.G.

    Driven: B.I.G.(clip1)

    Driven: B.I.G.(clip2)

    Driven: B.I.G.(clip3)
    Smiles and south star inspired by BIG
    Smiles & South Star B.I.G. Inspired

    Prince Poet Mentions B.I.G.

    Royce Da 5'9-Boom (BiG mentioned)

    B.I.G. Salute on Mtv's 20 year bash

    Nas mentions that he looks up to BIG

    Biggie & Pac's mother present Mtv award

    Jay-Z Promo mentions B.I.G.

    Biggie Smalls Sound Alike

    Krs-1 on the so-called east /west beef

    Queen Latifah on B.I.G.'s funeral

    Canibus live B.I.G. Tribute

    Lil Kim-On Last Call "BiG Advice"

    Big Pun (RIP) asked about B.I.G. collaboration

    Notorious B.I.G. on the History Channel

    Will Ferrell Remakes "BIG Poppa" On SNL

    The Misc B.I.G. Audio Filez:
    Big Pun "Uncensored"-Big Pun mentions advise he got from B.I.G.
    Prodigy Interview P speaks on Jay-Z's sampling of B.I.G.s lyrics
    Beanie Sigel Kiss Da Game samples B.I.G.'s "Long Kiss Goodnight".
    Lil Kim-What's Going On (BiG mentioned)
    Nas on Hot 97 B.I.G. is mentioned.
    Nas with Funk Flex B.I.G. & the Jay-Z beef.
    Up In Smoke B.I.G. Tribute
    Shyne-Life or Death (B.I.G. mentioned)
    FLip Mode member mentions B.i.G.
    B.I.G. & Ashanit-Unfoolish (hot 97 Premier)
    Lil Cease on Power 105 W/ ed Lover about the LA times article
    B.I.G. tops Power 105 countdown
    Chino XL mentions BiG on "It's My World"
    Redman-Let's get Dirty (Mentions B.I.G.)
    Ghost face - Flowers (BiG mentioned)
    Angie Martinez Ask Suge Knight About B.I.G.
    Bad Seed-Brooklyn's Finest II (B.I.G. remake)
    Thirstin Howl III-Dreams (B.I.G. remake)
    Ms Jade-Dream (B.I.G. sampled)
    Jay-Z& Cam'ron-Welcome To NYC (B.I.G. mentioned)
    Pharaoh Monch&Style-My Life (Mentions BIG)
    Wyclef-Knocking On Heavens Door (Mentions B.I.G.)
    Jay-Z "Dream Promo" (Mentions BIG)
    Jay-Z Talks about the "Dream" (Mentions BIG)
    Fat Joe on Biggie and Big Pun (Mentions BIG)
    50 cent asked about B.I.G. collabo (Mentions BIG)
    Lil Moe & Lil Kim-Love commandments (BIG Remake)
    Nas-Last Real Niga Alive (Mentions BIG beef)
    Nas on The Roots (B.I.G. mentioned)
    New B.I.G. album "Duets" in the works
    Gza-Fam Only (Mentions B.I.G.)
    Missy Elliot-Can you Hear Me (Mentions B.I.G.)
    Splif Star-Clap Your Hands (Mentions B.I.G.)
    Dame Dash defends B.I.G. & Hip hop on HBO w/ Bob Costas
    Chino XL props B.I.G. on "Poison Pen" & "B-Boy Gansta"

    Notorious B.I.G.Albums:

    "Ready To Die" - (4x Platinum 10/19/99)

    "Life After Death" - (10x Platinum 01/06/00)

    "Born Again" - (2x Platinum 01/14/00)

    "Duets: The Final Chapter" (Platinum)

    "Greatest Hits" (Platinum)

    "Notorious - Movie Soundtrack"

    "The King And I"

    Party and Bullsh*t
    Juicy - Gold (11/08/94)
    Big Poppa /Warning - Platinum (05/23/95)
    One More Chance (Stay With Me) - Platinum (07/31/95)
    Only You - Gold (07/30/96)
    Hypnotize - Platinum (06/11/97)
    Mo Money Mo Problems - Platinum (09/03/97)
    Sky's The Limit feat. 112 - Gold (12/16/97)
    Nasty Boy - Remix feat. 'Lil Kim
    Loving You Tonight Ft. R. Kelly
    Been Around the World - Platinum (12/16/97)
    Dead Wrong
    Biggie/Would You Die For Me?

    * 1992: "A Buncha Niggas" (from the Heavy D & The Boyz album Blue Funk)
    * 1992: "Why You Tryin To Play Me" (Ft. Aaron Hall)
    * 1992: "Party and Bullshit" (from the Who's the Man soundtrack)
    * 1992: "All Men Are Dogs" with Grand Puba, Snagglepuss, Raggedy Man, Bandit, Positive K & Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard
    * 1993: "Let's Get It On" (from the Eddie F album Let's Get It On)
    * 1993: "Leave a Message", "What's The 411?" (from the Mary J. Blige album What's the 411? Remix)
    * 1993: "Buddy X (Falcon & Fabian Remix)" with Neneh Cherry (From The "Buddy X [CD Single]") (1993)
    * 1994: "Think Big" with Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard (white label vinyl)
    * 1994: "Jam Session" with Heavy D & Troo-Kula (from the NBA Jam Session compilation album))[11]
    * 1994: "Who's the Man" (from the Ed Lover & Doctor Dré album Back Up Off Me!)
    * 1995: "4 My Peeps" (from the Red Hot Lover Tone album # 1 Player)
    * 1995: "It's All I Had", "Me And My Bitch - Live in Philadelphia" (from The Show soundtrack)
    * 1995: "The Points" (from the Panther soundtrack) (Panther OST CD or vinyl Single (ft. a 9 min. long version))
    * 1995: "Da B-Side" with Da Brat (Radio Edit) (from the Bad Boys soundtrack)
    * 1995: "Dirty B Side" with Da Brat (Fa All Y'all German CD Single)
    * 1995: "(You to Be) Happy" (from the R. Kelly album R. Kelly (album))
    * 1995: "This Time Around" (from the Michael Jackson album HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I)
    * 1996: "Bust a Nut" (from the Luke album Uncle Luke)
    * 1996: "Young G's Perspective" (from the Blak Jak album Addicted to Drama)[12]
    * 1996: "Bad Boy Freestyle" with LOX (from the Funkmaster Flex mixtape album 60 Minutes of Funk, Vol. 2)
    * 1996: "Brooklyn's Finest" (from the Jay-Z album Reasonable Doubt)
    * 1996: "Queen Bitch", "Crush On You", "Drugs", "No Time", "Queen Bitch" (from the Lil' Kim album Hard Core)
    * 1997: "Keep Your Hands High" (from the Tracey Lee album Many Faces)
    * 2000: "16 Bars" (from the Lyricist Lounge Volume 2 compilation album; recorded in 1993)
    * 2000: "NOTORIOUS K.I.M.", "Queen Bitch Pt. 2" (from the Lil' Kim album The Notorious K.I.M.)
    * 2001: "Unbreakable" (from the Michael Jackson album Invincible)
    * 2002: "A Dream" with Jay-Z & Faith Evans (from the Jay-Z album Blueprint 2)
    * 2005: "All Good" (from the Lil' Kim album The Naked Truth)
    * 2006: "Duck Down" (from the Trick Daddy album Back By Thug Demand)
    * 2006: "Deadly Combination (from the Big L compilation album The Archives 1996–2000)
    * 2006: "Three Bricks" (from the Ghostface Killah album Fishscale)
    * 2009: "Cunt Renaissance" (from the R.A. the Rugged Man album Legendary Classics Vol. 1)
    * 2010: "Everything to Me (Remix)" (from the Monica promo single Everything to Me CDS)
    * 2010: "Belize Shyne" with Bob Marley
    * 2010: "Jah Army" with Stephen Marley & Damian Marley

    >Compilation Appearances:
    Hip Hop's Most Wanted "One More Chance" (Rmx)
    The Box's Hip Hop Number One Hits "Juicy"
    The Ultimate Hip Hop Party 1998 "One More Chance/Stay With Me"
    The Ultimate Hip Hop Party 1998 "Gettin' Money" (Get Money Rmx)
    Panther Soundtrack "The Points"
    Funk master Flex Mix Tape - Volume 2 "Da Lox and Biggie Freestyle"
    The Show Soundtrack "Me And My B*tch" (Live)
    Who's The Man? Soundtrack "Party and Bullshit"
    NBA Jam Session "Jam Session"
    MTV Party To Go - Volume 8
    Funk Master Flex & Big Cap -The Tunnel "MSG Live Freestyle"
    Lyricist Lounge 2 "16 Bars"
    Bahlers Forever "Why You Trying To Play Me"
    VA-Millennium Party
    New Millennium Hip-Hop Party "Juicy"
    VA-Jock Jams - Vol. 4-Jock Jams "Mo Money, Mo Problems"
    MTV Vol. 9-MTV Party To Go "One More Chance"
    VA-Hardball "Big Poppa"
    Grand theft Auto II - "Nigga - Biggie Ft. 5o Cent"
    Grand Theft Auto II - "B.Q.E. - Biggie- ft Red Cafe & Mobb Deep"
    The Blueprint - "A Dream" Jay-Z Ft. Faith Evans & B.I.G.

    Videos by The Notorious B.I.G.:
    "Big Poppa"
    "One More Chance"
    "Mo Money Mo Problems"
    "Sky's The Limit"
    "Dead Wrong"
    "Biggie/Would You Die For Me?"

    Videos B.I.G. appeared or guest spotted on:
    "VA-The Points"
    "Super Cat-Dolly My Baby"
    "VA-Missy Dolly"
    "Lil Shawn-Don Perigon"
    "Total-Kissin You Remix"
    "Jay-Z-Dead Presidents"
    "Jay-Z-Ain't No Nigga"
    "Total-Can't You See"
    "112-Only You"
    "112-Only You Rmx"
    "Gina Thomas-The Things That U You Do"
    "Junior Mafia-Get Money"
    "Junior Mafia-Players Anthem"
    "Puff Daddy-Can't Nobody Hold Me Down"
    "Faith-You used to Love Me"
    "Craig Mack-Flavor In Ya Ear Rmx"
    "Da Brat-Give it Too You"
    "LL Cool J-Loungin Remix"

    Movie Appearances:
    "Rhymes & Reason" - released
    "The Show" - released

    Television Appearances:
    "Martin" - aired
    "New York Undercover" - aired
    "Big Poppa"
    "One More Chance"
    "Mo Money Mo Problems"
    "Sky's The Limit"
    "Dead Wrong"
    "Biggie/Would You Die For Me?"

    >Videos B.I.G. appeared or guest spotted on:
    "VA-The Points"
    "Super Cat-Dolly My Baby"
    "VA-Missy Dolly"
    "Lil Shawn-Don Perigon"
    "Total-Kissin You Remix"
    "Jay-Z-Dead Presidents"
    "Jay-Z-Ain't No Nigga"
    "Total-Can't You See"
    "112-Only You"
    "112-Only You Rmx"
    "Gina Thomas-The Things That U You Do"
    "Junior Mafia-Get Money"
    "Junior Mafia-Players Anthem"
    "Puff Daddy-Can't Nobody Hold Me Down"
    "Faith-You used to Love Me"
    "Craig Mack-Flavor In Ya Ear Rmx"
    "Da Brat-Give it Too You"
    "LL Cool J-Loungin Remix"

    >Movie Appearances:
    "Rhymes & Reason" - released
    "The Show" - released

    >Television Appearances:
    "Martin" - aired
    "New York Undercover" - aired
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    B.I.G. Saved The LOX From Death, "We Were All About To Get Into That Same Car" [Video]

    The LOX's Sheek Louch recently reflected on his memories of the late Notorious B.I.G. and said the Bad Boy superstar prevented his crew from riding in the same vehicle where he was fatally shot 13 years ago.
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